My home is the Engadine Valley. The striking landscape with its harsh climate has shaped me into who I am now. It grounds me and profoundly touches my being.The awe-inspiring force of nature evokes humbleness while being genuine and brutally honest. My works attempt to grasp this magnificence and undeniable honesty in nature. Analog photography enables me to achieve exactly that. The light is captured unaltered on photographic paper.


Actualized analog magic Timeless, essential, candid.


The imposing mountainscapes of the Alps can evoke a sense of insignificance and confinement.

In bad weather conditions the daunting mountains dissolve and vanish in the white infinite.The restraint dissipates and the horizon broadens. Even if only for a fleeting moment the soul soars freely.



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Meuli's latest project is a floating one

Camera Obscura. In the fall he could have a cabin

of the St. Moritz cable car to convert the signal into a camera. He photographed the forest below through a hatch in the ground. The result is amazing - and many will ask themselves what they see on the recording.


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Daniel Meuli

Via vers Mulins 4 /  CH - 7513 Silvaplana

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